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  Jiangsu ChengDe Steel Tube Share Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1988, is located in the jiangdu area north of the new young canal, covers an area of 400 mu, the registered capital of 210 million yuan, total assets 1 billion yuan, the beijing-shanghai expressway, at right angles, the west.ningqi railway in the company general factory DongBeiCe intersection, have good geographical environment and regional advantages.
The company strictly abide by the "honesty,..
>Seamless steel tubes for ships >Seamless steel tube for transmission of >Seamless steeI tubes for structures
>Seamless steel tubes for petroleum >Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure >Pipe-Line Seamless Steel Pipe
>Seamless steel tubes for oil casing and tubing >Seamless steel tubes in small calibers for high(low and medium) pressure boilers and petrochemical i
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NO.1,Sanjiang Avenue,Yanjiang Economic Development Zone,Jiangdu District,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China
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